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Can't forward ports no matter what I do.


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Hi everyone,

Recently I have been having some problems with utorrent. I am using utorrent 1.8 beta build 7928 on Windows Vista Home Premium and I have tried using other versions of uttorent. I have tried everything but I still cannot forward my ports. I have gone to portforward.com and followed the directions for my router and it did not help. When that failed I plugged my computer directly into the modem and I am still having problems. I have uninstalled my antivirus (NOD32) and firewall(Comodo Pro) to see if either of them were the problem but I am still having problems. I also disabled Windows Firewall. I am able to download(at around 1.5Mbit/s) but not at my average speed (9-10Mb/s on private trackers) and my upload speed will not surpass 0.1KB/s. I made sure that I don't have a limit on either download or upload speeds.

In the bottom of the utorrent window there is a red circle and if you hover over it it says "Not Connectable. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open a port so others can connect to you again." I don't see how this is possible because I have no firewalls or routers connected or installed. Anybody have any idea what is wrong?

Thanks in advance for any insight,

gtf004 :)

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