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skip recheck on large torrents


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At the moment I've some very large torrents with much files in my download list, 5 between 20 and 70 GB.

I reduced the active to 2 torrents at a time because I experienced several crashes, I hope I can fix some of them with the "graceful_shutdown".

A 50GB and a 70GB torrent take together about an hour to check (and I have fast disks!) ... that is really annoying!

My request is a feature to skip recheck on very large files and to have a fallback to the last save-state from the resume.dat, because reloading the missing parts takes less time then the recheck itself.

Another possibility would be that utorrent loads only a few files (like 10-20% depending on size) at the same time, the files are taken randomly from the torrent. Additionally it keeps the finished files in mind and so it knows that it doesn't need to recheck these files on next crash, not yet loaded files don't need a recheck anyway...

please think about it, I've wasted too much time on waiting for finishing rechecks yet.

thanx in advice

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The recheck will most likely NOT be removed. There is an option to "fast skip" to previous checked %, but you must have closed uT correctly in the interim. There is a key in the resume which stores the previous good hashing, and indicates that it can be used instead... you should figure out why your uT is crashing. Is there a crash dialog? Does it happen at the same time/day ?

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seems v1.8 has exactly what I was looking for.

m$ has released the fixed xpsp3 today so I'll reinstall my system this weekend hoping to fix this and many other problems.

Because I use a private tracker I better wait for the stable version of utorrent 1.8

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