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Download speed steady when limited, flails about when not.


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As the title says, my download speed was non-existent, with short bursts of speed when my upload was unlimited/above 5kb/s, but comparatively steady when upload was limited to 5 or less kb/s. What was weird was that when it was actually faster (Turtle vs. Hare) to download in limited download mode then unlimited.

I tested on the slackware torrent and got reasonable speed, so I think it was probably just that swarm, but I'd like to see if this has happened to anyone else, and if so, if there is a fix for if I encounter this situation again.

My specs:

uTorrent version: 1.7.7

Light in status bar: Green

Port forwarding: Correct

Router Model: WRT54G

Modem Model: DCM315

ISP: Comcast Cable

OS: Windows XP

CPU: AMD Athalon 64 X2 Dual

Encryption: currently forced.

Firewall: ZoneAlarm free, ver.7.0.470.000

Anti-virus,-spyware,-adware: AVG free, ver.8.0.100 with latest virus database.

Speed guide says:

Connection Type: xx/1Mbit

Upload Limit: 92kB/s

Upload Slots: 6

Connections: 100

Connections (Global): 600

Max active torrents: 6

Max active downloads: 5

dslreports.com Says:


(Although it was the flash one, not java)

Thrin Says:

Have screen-shots of the speed tab at the time of the problem (mainly to illustrate if you don't understand the problem). I have gone through Ultima's speed check list, and set everything up. Hopefully, I never encounter this problem again.

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... you don't run with unlimited upload bandwidth. Comcrap requires lowering your connections and disabling some features as well as be sure you're Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent -> enabled encryption.

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 post #2 gives you some ideas. Even though they are supposedly not interrupting connections anymore it may be that you are stuck during certain times with more than just shaped downloads.

Additionally, unless you pay for their "turboboost" 1Mbit upload you have closer to xx/512 upload. You can start @ xx/384 or manually lower your upload so it is sustained with few if any bumps in the upload graph. It may be as low as 48 or as high as 60. It will be ~ 20% lower though while downloading at or near your 6Mbit limit.

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I'm on ComCast Cable ISP and cannot sustain an upload speed greater than 43 KB/sec...some days even 40 KB/sec seems to be pushing the limit.

I have the 6 megabits/sec down and 384 kilobits/sec up service plan...so my settings are vaguely like xx/384k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

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