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New torrent created - seeding bug?


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Somewhat complex, here i go.


When i create a new torrent and check the box "Start Seeding", i am able to create a torrent, with or without trackers and all works super ! I then see the created torrent in the main window and see that i am seeding whatever i wanted to seed. No mather where the content is located on my computer.


When i create a new torrent and DON'T check the box "Start Seeding", i am able to create a new torrent, and the file just gets stored where i put it. Ofcourse the selected file or map isn't seeding then.

If i open the newly created torrent later, to start seeding, it doesn't seed the files, but tries to download the content.


I found that if i stored the files i wanted to seed in the standard "download folder" and created a new .torrent without checking the box "Start Seeding", i was able to seed the content when i opened the previously created .torrent file.

Maybe it is possible to fix this, so that i can create a .torrent file from content anywhere on my computer to store somewhere on my computer. Maybe it is not possible, because maybe torrents work path relative, i don't know this.

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If you open the torrent later and it starts downloading, it means you pointed it to the wrong folder. Point it to the folder above the one of the torrent data.

That's my point

If i directly start seeding, it works (check box when create torrent)

If i first save the torrent, then open it, it starts downloading, not seeding, so doesn't find the data.

This happens only to torrents i created when the data was NOT in the standard "download folder".

So you see, i point to the correct folder. But when i open a .torrent i created, it assumes the data is in the standard "download folder".

Maybe i am missing something here....

It's not that big of a deal anyway, maybe it even isn't a bug? I can make it work, just as long as i immediatly start seeding (check box)..


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I guess you're using Put new downloads in:? If so, use Add Torrent (no default save)

So if i understand correct, with default save (the download i guess) it cannot be done. I already thought it would be that. Because of the maps (defaults) uTorrent looks in.

Anyway, uTorrent works superb, and i guess i just imidiatly start seeding and stop the torrent directly if i don't want to seed right away.

thx Firon


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