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Connection cuts out!! please help


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I have been using utorrent for a long time now. my computer crashed recently and i had to reinstall everything again. I installed utorrent and it seemed to be working fine but then recently when i try to download things it works fine for a while but then the internet connnection to my pc cuts out and i have to unplug and replug the wireless adapter to start it again.

This problem never existed before, I share my internet with two other housemates via a router and they also use utorrent but it doesnt cut their connections out (like it never used to with mine).

I have set my computer up and now have it wired into another so i can share files, internet connection etc....i tried running utorrent on that pc but the connection also cuts out after a while.

I have tested switching off my firewall and have also disabled the router firewall but the connection still cuts out.

I have tried limiting the number of my global connections etc, the connection seems to last for longer but at a lower rate and then cuts out again.

I have tried setting my internet connection so that it finds my ip address etc automatically and i have also tried making a static ip address etc and port forwarded (this is how i normally have it) but either way it still ends up cutting out.

i have tried uninstalling and installing a new version of utorrent..and now have 1.8 beta version and even tried using the bitorrent software but the same thing happens.

My problem is not downlod speeds as i can get up to 500kb/s sometimes (depending on peers, global connections etc) but that it cuts out and i cant work out why or what to do!

I have read lots of the other posts but people dont seem to have the same problem.

sorry for the long post but your help would be really appreciated!!


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i understand what you are saying, i have tried some of those tips previously ie. switching off ip resolving, and DHT, my connection stayed on for half and hour this time and then cut out. i am going to try and change the net.max_halfipen and see what happens.

thing i dont understand i though is, the other people who share my connection use utorrent and havent done any of this and there connection doesnt cut out.....

thanks a lot for your help

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hi there, thanks for the post,

well i worked out that my max upload is 325kbs with the spead guide thing and so it set my upload limit to 35 kbs.....but i limited it to 15kbs just to make sure.

I have also tried lowering my global connections etc to like 100....but it doesnt seem to make a difference.

what do you think?

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