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Another port forwarding problem...


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My port forwarding isn't working and hoping that someone might be able to solve my connectivity issue. I've spent hours on portforward.com and many many other sites...

1) Static IP is configured

2) Linksys BEFW11S4 router is properly configured to forward the right port

3) UnPnP is uncheched in Utorrent 1.7.7

4) NAPT in my Alcatel SpeedTouch 510 DSL modem is configured to forward my port from my external IP to my router IP (router is configured for my PC's IP)

5) Windows XP is my OS and i've turned off every firewall installed...

Each time I check the port the checker tells me the port isn't open and I can't get a ping of it, it times out each time.

Any suggestions that might help?

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Static IP is, which is working fine (checked my ipconfig)

The portforward.com guide doesn't say anything about giving my DSL modem a static IP and i've turned off windows firewall, can't find any others.

Thanks for your help

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My windows firewall is turned off, I've configured my Norton for the port and I have AVG for spyware, no IP blocker.

My ISP is PPPoE. I've configured a NAPT to open up the port from my modem to my router. Isn't that bridging? I'll give the link a try and get back.


Update: well more hours spent but to no avail... I'm pretty sure it's a NAT problem with my modem. I've been able to turn of the firmware firewall and my NAPT configuration indicates that the right port is "established", but when I ping, my port still times out. I'm pretty sure that my modem is not "communicating" properly with the router.

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