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Solved!: Moving Torrent-Data of finished torrents as often as you want


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as nobody wanted to hear my feature request for this option, i have done it by hard now! If this thing is already described somewhere im sorry, just ignore this post.

The Problem: There is an option in uT named "Append the torrent's label". With it you move torrent data after finishing in a folder with the labels name. Its very useful because you can better organize your stuff and still seed it on.

For me i need it because i have a download folder and dont want to download stuff a second time if i have it already. But in this folder is much crap so i want the newly added torrents which data i already ahve, to be moved to a clean folder. But uT won't do it, if your torrent does a re-check and founds out you already have exactly 100%. In this case the data WON'T be moved in the labels folder!! This is a pain in the ass. BUT.. read on ;)

The Solution: I found a litte program here in the forums, it's called BEncedit or BEncode Editor. With it you can open the DAT files of uT. So if you want to move your finished downloads in another label name you have to do the following things.

- STOP all Torrents, which you want to move first.

- Close uT.

- Open BEncedit and open the resume.dat of uT. If you don't know where it is, search your paritions with F3 in the explorer ;)

- After loading you will see all your torrents in a explorer like interface.

(In my case my uT moves automatically all Torrent Data from the Tempory Folder into the one with finished stuff.

So in the list all unfinished Torrents are named "Wonderful stuff.torrent"

and all finished sounds like "D:\Incoming-Folder\Wonderful Stuff-part2.torrent")

- If you open the tree of one Torrent you will see it has point namend "Moved=".

In the case of all/the most? finished torrents it will be on "1".

- You guess right, you have to change it to "0" in all torrents, you want to move one more time. If you have many Torrents then go above on Edit - Replace. There you can Replace all.

EDIT: - Then of course save the DAT file and open uT again. When you now start your stopped Torrents, they will get moved to the labels Folder.

If you want them to move to another Label-Folder, you have to move the torrents in uT to the specific label BEFORE changing anything. So when you start them afterwards they get moved.

For further explanations of the program please browse the forum :)

Hope i could help.


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Thanks for taking the time... but you didn't link to Ultima's awesome application :Phttp://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306

As far as "moving as often as you want"... uT isn't a file manager. If you want to move data, outside of uT all you need to do is make sure it's STOPPED first so you don't get errors, move it outside the program, then in uT, right click, advanced, set download location.

In 1.8 you have the additional option to go to Files tab, right click, Relocate, say if you have a large torrent with files you have across several drives. Relocate is a Set Download Location for multi-file torrents :)

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Thanks, i forgot the link ;)

Yes it isn't a file manager, but files are a main aspect of this program, so you need at least some basic file managing functionallity. Not to mention some organisation because it isn't any normal DL-Manager where you download something and can move the files directly after finishing. you have to leave it in the share for seeding. And i really dont want to have stuff of all genres for weeks in one folder.

You can't work like this. Also i often decide afterwards for example to split a label into 2 sublabels and when i have many torrents in it, i dont want to set download locations manually for EVERY Torrent -.- ;)

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I crack up every time some1 tries to say uTorrent isn't a file manager .. what is it exactly we're downloading then? Emails? Maybe telnet sessions? lol Yeah, the above solution is really easy. Um, please wake up and help us just get uTorrent to move the files according to the labels please! Geez - or open source it so I can do it - man i wish the uTorrent alternatives weren't Java based

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