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Little to no upload while downloading; Upload fine when not


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So I know I'm supposed to search the forums and take several hours going through unrelated threads so I can find and answer, but I've already done that and found nothing.

With that disclaimer out of the way, my problem is as stated. While downloading, my upload speeds seem crippled to the point of standstill, while the download trundles along just fine. If I finish the download and begin seeding, upload speeds pick back up. If I go into the files tab and tell uT to skip all files (once several pieces, at least, have been downloaded), upload speeds, again, pick right up. I've messed with global connections (gone between 90 and 750, currently at 250), connections per torrent (between 20 and 150, currently at 50), my upload speed is always throttled to at least 80% of total upload (I stick it at about 35 KiB/s), speed tests show nothing wrong, etc., etc.



D-Link WBR 2310 Hardware A1 Firmware 1.04

Motorola SurfBoard (Already checked if it's been messed with by Comcast. It hasn't.)

net.max_halfopen=16 (though I've tried 8 and 10)

Port is fine (excepting the UPnP problem from the latest 1.8 build, but that's easily bypassed by my opening the port manually)

Windows XP SP2 with patched and tweaked TCP/IP stack (settings haven't changed since this became an issue)

Running Eset Smart Security 3.0.612.0 (already added uT to the exceptions of IMON, AND made sure the firewall lets both incoming and outgoing traffic through on all ports for both TCP & UDP for uTorrent.exe 1.8 beta build 10085)

Status is green at all times: downloading, downloading & uploading, and seeding


Anything else I can give that would be of help will be given happily. I hope I can get this resolved soon. Thanks in advance.

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Try reducing net.max_halfopen below 8. Even as low as 0 if you already have alot of connections is worth trying for a few minutes.

What encryption settings are you using in uTorrent?

Also try disabling many extra features in uTorrent -- DHT, Resolve IPs, UPnP, and Local Peer Discovery. This is to get around possible throttling by ComCast AND reducing the chances of local networking software+hardware bottlenecks those features might cause.

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Encryption has gone between all three, with allow legacy incoming set and unset as well. Currently it's on Enabled/Allow.

And I'll be damned if implementing all of those changes at once (which, of course, is always the smart way to try multiple suggestions *bang head on desk*) didn't fix it. At least for the Ubuntu iso. Now I've just gotta figure out which one's the problematic one. I'll bet it's the Resolve IP thing. Or... or... or... bah. I should switch to Qwest.


Wait, I may have spoken too soon... or not. Maybe it's just the stupid tracker.

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Disabling those settings are to eliminate them as probable causes. If it didn't solve anything, then chances are those settings aren't at fault either way.

There are crazy torrents out there that are VERY seed-heavy. While downloading, the vast majority of what you connect to is seeds, seeds, and more seeds! Peers don't last long before becoming seeds themselves. Then you become a seed yourself...and quit connecting to OTHER seeds! Good trackers start giving you peer-only ip lists. And suddenly, you're connecting to peers! ...Or (more likely!) peers find you because you're not firewalled and the tracker handed out YOUR ip to them.

Generally, these are private torrents -- peers and seeds only become aware of each other via ip lists they gain from the tracker...and the tracker only hands out a tiny subset of the whole if there's lots of ips. The tracker's ips tend to be older ones rather than new, due to law of averages and how often your client reconnects to the tracker. (often 30 minutes or slower) So these older ips generally are seeds. Firewalled seeds REALLY suck in this case!

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