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I just logged an outbound attempt from Utor (haven't ran it in weeks)


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See, that's just it; it wasn't running.

The packet(s) was from pc's static ip port 1690 (2nd was 1691) to my dns server.

Log shows app as utorrent.exe, logo and all.

A quick netstat showed nothing on those ports.

I had no applications running.

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Strangest thing I've seen in a while...

Also - for the record - the packet was out-bound, there is no doubt. I was fully locked-down behind my router when it happened:no traffic could have even made it in to be blocked in the first place.

I'll admit it doesn't make sense (if I hadn't seen it myself I would not likely believe it either) but I still logged it, and no one was here to generate it.

I just noticed, and was surprised to see, that the comment:

"your firewall is dumb and doesn't do anything but detect a port being in use." is not only incorrect, it is the type of response I'd expect from a troll - not an Admin.

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