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ASugden's Icon


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Interesting, the shadow doesn't look that much of a gradient in the ICO.

Also... would it make sense to take out at least the 256^2 from the icon... it currently accounts for 270,376 of the full ico size of 361 KB (370,070 bytes)

Also for whatever reason your ico breaks the thumbnail generator of the skins page :P833.png

I'm not sure how you want to change it or even if you do... my image of the 256^2 looks the same but is 7KB larger as a PNG.833256pxek3.pngASugdenuTorrenticon.jpg

I'm sure it has to do with my un-usage of a palette or any alpha channel.

A nice addition to the green-themed HQ uT icons, I must say.

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yeah for on the skin page idk how to put an image...if you haven't noticed already i just joined today...lol

i know what your saying about the shadow...i noticed it when i uploaded the photo...i was going to fix it but i forgot to save the psd file so im just gunna make a new one that is a little bit brighter.

but i think its pretty good for my first icon :-)

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Indeed, indeed.

I noticed it only because I use the "Radium" forum skin, and I saw how it looked "brighter" in here than in explorer. I popped open ResHacker and saw how it didn't look so outlined.. due to the white background.

The suggestion of making an optimized PNG as separate is only due to the linear progression of ICO storage. If you double the H & W the ico size increases by 4x. It's up to you how you want to change it. I just wanted to chime in and say I saw it, looked at it, liked it ;)

Your re-working may even include the same type of gradient and make the uT "pop" as a 3D button by making the corners transparent. I really dig the double "shadow" in the lower-right.

Just so you know, you CAN edit your icon submission in the skins page. You click the "Edit" link there, make sure you input the right password and you can upload a new/different ICO, and change the display text/description/title :D whatever

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I don't think so, but you're welcome to re-upload it, just use your previous password and choose the new file. In ResHacker the icons went in size order 16, 24, 36, etc

:P I still think an optimized PNG would be awesome. I tried out this "Inkscape" which does SVG graphics, and due to the relative simplicity and layering it's marginally smaller... I don't know how to tune it to a "palette" lol

I miss the good old days of HTML 4.0

WOO: No blank anymore, and it's rendering :D837.png

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Looking forward to your updated .ICO. Any plans to make a(n) optimized PNG?

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I don't know what source you were using, but here are two (three since I made one for the forum) images... If you put up say a render of it @ 1000px ^2 I could make it into an SVG probably. The only change I did was try to clip outside the circle and make the background transparent. I tried lightening the gradient a bit but it didn't seem to look quite as good the second time. ALSO: I haven't quite figured out palettized PNG yet.


The black background on the 256 should be transparent.

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