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Can't access torrent files after programme shut-down


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I'm going crazy here, I've been trying everything I can think of to solve a major problem I am having.

I can open/drop new torrents into the client fine, they load, start up and are both downloading and uploading as well.

However, as soon as I close down the client and then open it again, all active torrents are moved from 'Downloading' to 'Completed' and I get the following error message for ALL torrents:

Error: Can't open .torrent file:(...and then the full path).

I have tried opening torrent files directly from the tracker, I have tried saving them in 5 different locations (on various drives), I have tried dragging & dropping directly into the client - I've basically tried everything and STILL the exact same problem occurs every time.

I have to open/drag the original torrent-file again, point to the directory the previous uploaded part is already saved in, and then it starts uploading/downloading fine again.

As soon as I shut the programme, the exact samme thing happens all over.

Any ideas how I solve this??

Would be MUCH appreciated!



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I can save them anywhere, like I wrote I have already tried saving them in 5 different drives, same result and error message each time.

I have also tried opening in Utorrent directly instead of saving manually, this way the program should automatically save them in a proper place. But that didn't help, either...

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It is set to nothing right now....should I select a folder there?


I just tried entering a specific folder there, and it seems to do the trick - it worked on my 't4est-torrent' anyway :-)


Yes, that definitely did the trick, everything works now.

Thanks so much for your help :-)

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