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Compatible Firewall for uTorrent?


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What firewall is compatible with uTorrent? I have Norton AV but switched OFF Internet Worm Protection (as I read in the forums that it has conflicts with uTorrent). So I turned ON windows firewall but still uTorrent client eats up 100% CPU Usage within 6 hours of straight uploading. I'm behind a router and a firewalled modem but I already port forward and I turned ON UPnP mapping in uTorrent too. I'm in need of a firewall because my brother makes transactions using his credit card in the internet to buy stuff.

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I have tested ZA Security Suite and it works fine =) But now the ZA makes my CPU sluggish and eats up 50% CPU usage after 6 hours T_T I checked the uTorrent usage and it's at 2% to 4% so it's good, my computer is 7 years old this 2006 so it's kinda outdated, I'll try my luck with outpost 3 =)

my pc specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2100+

ASUS Motherboard (forgot the model)

1+ GB of DDR Ram

80 GB Maxtor IDE Drive <--- where I put my downloads folder for the torrents

40 GB Seagate IDE Drive

NVDIA FX 5600 256mb

Windows XP SP2

Norton Antivirus (disabled internet worm protection)

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I use Norton, and imma tell u, the biggest resource app on my PC is IE...Norton on a good day - 16MB of memory. Its all in how u configure these appz. I set it up so I get no slowdown at start-up/shut down, and the only time is get slow down is when I manually scan for a virus. .I got it set for max protection.

(now as far as protecting me from viruses, well thats a whole nother story....I might get one a year, but thats cuz of where I surf for my ...uhhh.."adult sex edumacation" & "serial key back-up appz" at :P:P ) :)

oh and Norton aint the only security I have on my PC. I got like 3-5 appz running in the background, (thats including Norton Internet Security.) And a router. No slow downs for me.

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Well the windows firewall has had problems for me.

Every few weeks, I can't access the internet. What is weird is that currently running torrents still work, but no new ones will start, and my browsing (and other apps that connect to the internet) won't work. Also when it happens I can't get an IP from my DHCP server. Finally figured out to turn off and restart the firewall service and I'm good to go again.

I have a direct ethernet connection to a NAS and use Wifi for internet access. Maybe the firewall wasn't programmed very well for multiple interfaces.

And yes I am fully up to date with windows updates.

So what I'm trying to say in my roundabout way is that any firewall no matter how simple can misbehave. :)

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