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Speed goes down on wrong torrent and browser


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Recently I thought my OS might have gotten a bug or an attack or my ISP throttling p2p.

My speed was completely down. So I called my ISP they checked and all was ok.

I also did a FULL Windows re-installed (to be sure) xp sp2 corp and added the sp3 and other updates from M$ website.

Right now all I have installed is WinXP SP2 updated to SP3 with other M$ updates, latest Java v1.6.0_05-b13 and latest firefox and latest utorrent 1.7.7 stable not installed running standalone

I downloaded the 3 following torrent available right now:




After letting them begin download for 5-10 min, I wanted to cut download speed to 1 KB/s for DELL_XP_PRO_SP3.ISO only. I noticed 2 things. When I did that, the other ones DELL_XP_MCE_SP3_ENG.ISO and DELL_XP_HOME_SP3.ISO were also going down completely (at this point DELL_XP_MCE_SP3_ENG.ISO only had 1 seeder and all others version had many seeders) and I noticed my browser firefox was totally slowed down too (maybe my imagination but when I closed utorrent or raise UL speed on that 1 torrent (XP Pro), instantly browser unjams and goes to webpage and speeds in utorrent were minimal both in UL and DL). When I raise the speed on that 1 torrent only (XP Pro) then all speeds on other torrents go up again. So you guys know, during my tests, global DL speed was set to limit at 250 KB/s and UL at 60 KB/s to avoid ISP DLSAM timeouts. Max speeds were reached when I did not limit that 1 torrent. Even when max speeds reached browser firefox works fine but not when speed is limited to 1 KB/s on that torrent.

Weird? Did M$ do something with sp3 or latest updates? or is new version of firefox affected by utorrent? does v1.7.7 have a bug? Is it Java bug?

One last thing I run utorrent as standalone in my drive M where my downloaded torrent are, not drive C, and I put a shortcut on my desktop on C drive

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Thx for the reply Firon but unfortunately I tried everything from the link you gave me and the other related links and same problem.

It is safe to say that I am not new to utorrent, been using it for many years with no problems, but for 1 week now and after a clean full re-install of windows with no other proggies except for what I listed above, the problem remains.

The link you gave me was already basic stuff for me and same with other related links.

Can you help please? My ISP is AEI. The icon is green in utorrent's status bar. The port test is good in the speed guide, encryption is enabled and always has been, dht is off and NAT-PMP is off

Also probe test at grc.com shows open on the port i use

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