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won't display download speed


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I'm not a newbie, and am very comfortable with utorrent, now using 1.77. A few months ago, the download and upload speed columns disappear, even though they are still checked when I right click on the column headers. Since they disappeared, the newest version came out (1.77) and installing this did not do any good. I still see the total download and upload speeds in the bottom status bar, but not for each individual torrent. In any other program I would uninstall and reinstall, but that's not a real option. I have considered removing my application data folder and starting over, but I'd lose my rss feed data.

Any ideas?


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Wow! that was fast, and easy. It worked.

Didn't see that reset option down below.


-FAQ and Search

-Use them.

actually, I have searched and didn't find it. Have searched on google multiple times over the months. Just searched now on this website and didn't find it either. Sorry if I missed it somewhere.

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