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Upload Affecting Download?


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Although this is really a 1.8 problem (possibly) I'm getting the problem in 1.7.

I upgraded to 1.8 Beta, and suddenly a strange restriction came into place. Every 1kb upload equalled 12kb download. If I had 1kb upload restriction, it downloaded at 12kb, 2kb upload gave me 24kb. At first I thought this was a tracker restriction. However it seems no matter what I torrent this ratio is in place. I assumed maybe 1.8 had a built in ratio guard or something. So I went back to 1.7.7, but suddenly its happening there too. I havn't found any options that make that happen.

Theres no port problems, as It's always worked and I've used ports many times for hosting servers so I'm sure it's good. So what is causing this?

Also, after going back to 1.7.7 it changed to 15kbps per 1kb. Whats going on =/ (Note: After installing 1.7.7 on my other PC, the downloads works as I would expect, no ratio restrictions)

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As I explained, torrent upload limits in 1.8 which are under 3 KiBps create the [Limited] behaviour you're seeing. That's why the developers added the tag, so you SEE prominently you are not getting "unlimited" download but being imposed to a 12x limit (creating ~ equal download limit to the global "download limited" ... 5 KiB=30 down limit global, 3 KiB=36 down limit on the torrent)

The expansion of "leeching protection" was added to per-torrent in 1.8.

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