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using 2 versions of utorrent possible?


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Is it possible to use 2 different versions of utorrent on the same computer. Reason being, i belong to a couple different trackers, neither allows the version of the other. I have tried but every time I try to open a second utorrent it always takes me to the running version regardless. I have to use Azureus for my second tracker right now, and absolutely hate it. Thanks for any advice

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It works on Linux (Ubuntu/Wine).

Have the exe file on the desktop and start either/or (with clicking no for install).

Have to start the torrent twice to get green signal.

(However uTorrent beta does crash after some hours with my Ubuntu 0804 and wine 0.9.59 - have not ried wine 0.9.60/0.9.61)

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> Is it possible to use 2 different versions of utorrent on the same computer.

Yes. The /RECOVER parameter works great. Remember that µTorrent will just keep opening more processes of itself (multiple .exe) so be careful when using this command line parameter. You should also take note to divide the resources between the two clients if you plan on using both at the same time. For example, if your max global connection is 200, you could make each client only use 100.

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to be honest, I'm a bit lost. so far the only way I have succeeded is running utorrent under 2 separate accounts on the comp. Is it possible to run utorrent 1.6 and utorrent 1.7 (or above) simultaneously? Ie. I downloaded. both. 1.6 as primary, and 1.7 as standalone.(or vice versa) But regardless of which is running, the other will not open. I want to use 1.6 at one site, which I can do. Then at the other I need to use 1.7, i try to launch as standalone but opens 1.6 (same thing both ways). btw using windows xp

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Why does everyone think he is running Linux? He is using XP.

Ok, assuming you want to run both the current stable (in this case 1.7.7) and the current beta (in this case 1.8):

Goto %programfiles% (start -> Run -> %programfiles% -> [Enter])

Create two folders:


utorrent 1.8

Make an empty settings.dat file in both folders (howto: Disable 'Show extension of known filetypes' in the Display tab of the Folder Options found in the Explorer's window Extra menu. Then right-click in the folder and make a new text file and rename it to settings.dat and confirm the extension change.). Copy the downloaded utorrent.exe files to their respective folders.

Go into the utorrent 1.8 folder and right-click on the 1.8 utorrent.exe and choose Create Shortcut. Now right-click on the shortcut and choose properties. In the target field it should say something like

"C:\Program Files\uTorrent 1.8\uTorrent.exe"

simply add /RECOVER after the current text so it will look like

"C:\Program Files\uTorrent 1.8\uTorrent.exe" /RECOVER

Click Ok. Rename the shortcut to utorrent 1.8 or something and copy it to your desktop.

Do the same for the 1.7.7 utorrent.

You can now start both utorrents besides each other. Don't start the same utorrent twice though (because this is now possible too and that could lead to problems so always check before you start one of the utorrents that that one isn't already running).

When setting up µtorrent make sure that when you choose your connection speed in the Speed Guide you pick half of your actual connection speed in both instances of µtorrent. Otherwise they are likely to cause connection problems.

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