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All trackers offline


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I installed µtorrent and downloaded 7 random well seeded torrents.

The client reports all the trackers are offline [timed out]. I have changed ports and opened the firewall [XP].

My research on this board suggests that the problem is that µtorrent isnt compatible with some [many?] trackers?

Any ideas?


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offline timeout means that the tracker is inaccessible, probably because it's overloaded...

ESPECIALLY if it's a tracker like demonoid or thepiratebay.

though, µt does show offline a bit more often because it has a lower timeout, this may be changed in the future. If you have DHT on it shouldn't matter much.

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no way, the trackers are not down !

Today, I closed the 1.3 final release to try the new 77 beta, and i receive the error that trackers were down (with 5 active torrents and one tracker for each) even after restarting my PC the same error came back.

Then i switched back to the 1.3 final and this error disapear, so the trackers were not dead.

Maybe this new time value ("Increased http timeout to 60 seconds") can be the cause off this ? Maybe should try testing a higher one in the beta 77. preferences menu ?

does the beta 78 give you this error too ?

win xp pro / norton pers firewall / adsl 512/128

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I tried version 1.3. It was great. Then I got a couple of Error: the Process is being used messages, so I shut everything down and turned off my computer. When I turned it back on, all the trackers for over 20 differrent torrents (that were downloading fine before) say offline (timeout). (I don't activate them all at the same time.)

I turned off the firewall - no help.

I tried getting new trackers - when I restarted ut, these worked ok, but the others were still offline. And then they went back offline again.

I don't understand how this is possible.

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ok sorry for delay in response, first i would say: HaPpY nEw YeAr every one !.

Then i would say that i switched to the latests betas and that I never had the tracker error again.

Every thing works fine now and better and better after each beta release !

Great job µtorrent Team !

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