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Need help-new, limited connection


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I'm new but here's some background info first:



-Router: D-link DIR-625 Firmware 1.09

-No TCP/IP patch

-I turned off my windows firewall

-No antivirus software(uninstalled)

-Normal uTorrent settings

I don't understand. For the first two weeks my uTorrent was working fine for both my laptop and my computer. Then one day the speeds dropped from 1-30kbs and I get yellow [!] symbols. Sometimes it says the Network is OK but it refuses to connect to torrents I could previously connect to. This happens on a random basis and is become more and more frequent. I thought it was a wiring problem so I checked all the wires but it wasn't that. I have already made a static IP for my desktop and open ports. Even when I open a certain port, when I use the open port tool check it says it is not open. Then a few minutes later it says it is open. It's pretty unstable and I have no idea what's going on anymore. I just want to know how can I fix this problem. When I used to download a torrent with 2000 seeds and 150 leechers I was at 200-400kbs, but now I can barely get to 30.

Using the same ports on both my laptop and computer conflict with each other? Should I use different ports?

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