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Internet freezing issues?- If you use NOD32 possible fix inside!


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Ok, I spent ages trying to find the fix for my internet freezing when loading Utorrent, all other torrent programs worked fined except Utorrent.

I think I have finally sussed it, Nod32 treats Utorrent as a web browser and this causes the freezing! So this is what you need to do:

1: Make sure you have toggled display:advanced mode at the bottom left in NOD32.

2: Click setup > advanced setup.

3: Under web access protection, click http and expand.

4: Click on web browsers.

5: In right hand box put a cross next to utorrent.

This will not stop nod32 scanning downloads, only the trackers which are harmless and the reason why it freezes the net when having this option enabled.

Please post back if this fixes the issue for you, and moderators, if enough people say it does indeed fix it, could this be stickied?

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Searching for NOD32 in the forum brings up these:





;) Yeah it could use a sticky as the 400 problem with NOD32 is a sticky already, thanks for specifying exact steps. I'm not sure if all the steps are the same in the 2.7 line or 3.0 line... what exact version do you have?

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