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poor speed after re-format


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I had Bit torrent running fine since Jan on my new pc (vista) getting decent speeds over 100kbs. After a disaster which meant re formatting the hard drive i have had to set everything back up again.

I have an edimax AR7084 router, i have set up static IP, forwarded ports which is open and working, utorrent allowed through firewall,speed test was consistantly over 3mb down and over 400kbs up.

I have tried the openoffice torrent and got on average a download spped of 10kbs and a high of about 22kbs.

I am trying to download a well seeded torrent at present ang only getting approx 15kbs.

Any ideas ? i am pretty sure i have everything set as i did before the re format but might have treaked somethings i have forgotten.

I have tried the UpnP enabled and disabled as well and does not seem to make any difference.

Many thanks in advance

I forgot, its supposed to be an 8meg connection speed

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Have you tried searching for others on the same ISP as you to see if it's an ISP-caused problem?

What ISP do you have anyway?

...Then again, if you didn't mention it...searching for others who also didn't mention it probably won't do much good. :(

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