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propper speed ?


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Hi ya guys , this one comin'out from a rookie ...

trying to find if the torent is working ok/efficent 4 me ..

here is the deal

>shared internet (3 PC) by virgin, 4 Mb, cable ,

>vista business , optimized sys. source for net

>O.S firewall opened for port / low ports selected for easy tcp conn./ alternative 2 ports open

>belkin g router after an access point / NO port forward / NAT /DMZ available as its shared&pass protected.

>prg. on default settings

>http://www.speedtest.net/ shows

1721 KB/s down

154 KB/s up

>DU Meter tracks down & reaches up to 503 KB/s Down

seeding app. 15 files as i go 4 50-60 down.

>no sw for optimizing bandwith

>yellow triangle still showing not connected , and DHT 288 nodes ??? / port forward test fails all the time...

> no upload limiter as i download , pc always on / no scheduled download


so i would highly appreciate if someone can tell me > r there are any default values ? / if not possible rate of the #'s provided ?


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hi ya,

previous up/down figures were wrong , as i remember running the test with active downloading @ background :)

no downloads now , raw speed test by www.speedtest.net shows

3619 kb/s down

365 kb/s up

50 miles distance / 37 ms ping


also this DHT: 287 nodes , what's that ?


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>internet activity , none

>1.7.7 / 8179

>sys optimised , skinned for bandwith

as i said i may be a rookie on ur torrent , 4sure not on lazy pc's, mod.

been through most of the topics soo far, will take time 2 catch up the essentials .

those r the rates tested/verified from 3 sources, shared net after a firewall (impropper ports )

hit me back if i can be in help4help

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