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poor avg speed


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Hello all

When downloading a 6 GB torrent sometimes (rarely) I've watch D speed up to 400/600 Kbs! unfortunately the average is only a merely 10 Kbs.

Seed are about 10 (1500), peers 20 (5000). Why can't I connect to more seed and why the D speed is so slow? I've notice most of the trackers are off.

I have 5 torrents downloading at same time, average D speed between 40/100 Kbs.

How to improve the speed? I've tuned uT according to the tips in forum.

My connection is 5Mbs/300Kbs. uT1.8 beta. Upload limited to about 40kbs. Network OK. Port 6883 forwarded on a asus w500gp router. XP SP2. no problems with firewall.

The ISP is sapo (telepac) in Portugal.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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now @ home

the U limit is 35kb. UT maintain around 30 ish.

before a tuned up UT, I've U speeds of 100kb...

right now the torrent D speed varies from 0.5 to 10 kb. 5 of 68 seeds (1156); 41 of 2934 peers (6012). about 20 trackers working out of 30.

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You seem to have ADSL.

The fastest they're likely to ever give even under extreme conditions is only about 100 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed.

Chances are the service you're subscribed to is closer to the speed numbers you quoted:

"My connection is 5Mbs/300Kbs."

With that, short of rather compressible data, you will NOT get 100 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed.

Perhaps you briefly had an "uncapped" line when you first got it?

To answer your original question about why can't you connect to more seeds...

Are you firewalled? (firewalled = no incoming connections)

Are the seeds firewalled? (means you cannot connect to them, unless they first connect to you AND you're not firewalled.)

Are the seeds even THERE? (Many trackers keep ips recorded as seeds that left the torrent hours ago.)

Your ISP may be limiting file-sharing connections to less than 40.

But even that alone shouldn't prevent you from reaching at least 30 KiloBYTES/sec download speed.

...And you can often max out upload speeds uploading to just 1-5 peers.

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1st let me thank you for the support and fast response (and pacience to my newbie issues).

the correct figures (and capital letters!) are:

from the last 8 hours the average D speed (4 torrents, each file about 8GB) is about 50 kB/s.

U speed is about 27 kB/s.

The aveage readings from the speed test site gives about 6Mb/300kb.

My ISP acount is 16Mb/1024Mb (ADSL). When i sign the contract the ISP advise me that i'll only get about 8Mb downspeed.

I've UT encrypted.

Only XP firewall used with UT excluded.

Manually I've set 4 download torrents and 5 active.

From your response it seems to me that the speeds I get are within the expected, right?

How do I confirm if the "seeds are firewalled" and if they "exist"?

Once againd many thanks

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I would expect to get 100% DL speed with a good torrent. For that:

* set up per the speedguide (control G) for xx/<your max upload> , in your case - xx/1M

* try testing on a good torrent like http://borft.student.utwente.nl/~adrian/torrentphp/torrent.php/OOo_2.4.0_Win32Intel_install_en-US.exe.torrent

* try setup (in the newer betas only) advanced->net.calc_overhead = true

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@ rafi


the torrent you tell me to try downloaded about 600 KB.

i didn't have time to setup the speedguide for XXX/1M !

the remaining torrents are TO slow:

1. seeds 7(1183), peers 44(5637), D speed around 8 kB !!!!!!!!

2. seeds 7(229), peers 36(1052), D 20 kB

3. seeds 14(618), peers 61(1592), D 40 kB

4. seeds 6(73), peers 39(393), D 60 kB

in average theses 4 Torrents are downloading around 100kB.

what is going on with the Torrents? where is a guide to pick a good torrent? what's a good torrent?

It seems to me that the more the seeds/peers isn't enough.

another try:

set up the speedguide for XXX/1M, and for about 5 min, it seems that the D speed went from 100 kB to 70 kB. The U speed doesn't pass teh 30 kB

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If upload speeds don't pass 30 KB/sec, then you're probably not even getting 300 kilobits/sec usable upload bandwidth! So you probably need to try xx/256k setting or tweak the values a bit but no higher than what's given by xx/384k.

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the speed tests gave around 300kb UL, tested in several days at same hours.

as mencioned, I'll try 384k, 256k in speed guide, without changing number of active torrents.

nevertheless, with that Ooo torrent @ 600kB, with 6 active torrents (5 dowloading) with a UL caap of 35 KB, seems goos to me.

If only I can get that speed with 2000 seeders' torrents....

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well, it's torrent dependent (if your ISP does not throttle you...) . this 4000 seeds' torrent, with net.calc_overhead=true, gives me my max (200KBps...). It feels to me that you would have to increase your # of connections above the speed-guide recommendation (200+ ? ) to reach your max. ALso, disabling PEX for it - might help.


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@ rafi

sorry didn't see your last post.

Some info about my recent tests:

My connection speed is about 4500/300 kb, measured several times, during several days.

1 - Set UL (via speed guide) @ 256kb

The file, with average seeds 8/(200) Peers 63/(1000), DL @ around 100 kB for 7 hours. There was a peak for 20 min @ 400 kB.

2 - Set UL @ 384 kb

1 file DL @ around 120 kB. Meanwhile that file finished and the 2nd one kept DL @ 30 kB…

The averages DL speeds varied a lot: I get 250kB for 2 h, 500kB (!!) for 1h, 125kB for 2 h, and 30kB with that 2nd file (s: 12/(500), p:65/(2100)).

3 - Set UL @ 256

The same file the day before DL @ 30kB, now DL @ 100kB for 1 h, 450kB for ½ hour and 250kB for 1 hour.

Confused? I am.

These averages DL speed are from the speed graph.

What do you propose to fine tuning the UT?

Is it normal to have such variations in DL speed, from 30kB to 500kB? Does it depend on the torrents? If so, what to do?

Thkx !

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for a 300Kbps max UL connection, you should set the UL limit to ~25KBps, did you ? as I said - for the above torrent , having slow peers, I would try double the max connections # per torrent to ~200 , and you should see those 200 connected (not as we see in your examples).

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I've max out the # connections at 200. (How to disable PEX?)

The speed guide kept @ 256 kb.

The average DL speed is consistently around 250 kB. Now the peeks around 450/500 kB are much more frequent.

Is it the best I'll ever get?

Thank you all.

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Unknown if you're really getting your line max...which may be experiencing bursts or throttling.

You can try the 2nd link in my signature and choose the 320 kilobits/second upload setting...which is reasonably close to what you have. You may need to reduce upload speed even beyond that setting by 2 KiloBYTES/second.

Peer Exchange (PEX) is under uTorrent's Preferences, BitTorrent settings. Personally, I think almost all public torrents will run better with that enabled. Private torrents have it disabled, so it won't matter with them.

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