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Firefox & IE7 Stop working on Vista


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Have been using Utorrent happily for ages on XP and have just started to use it on a Vista ultimate installation.

Utorrent works well on the vista OS but once it is/has been running the internet browsers can no longer connect to the internet. I use firefox mostly but seem to effect IE7 as well.

This persists even after utorrent has been shut down.

The only way I can fix the issue is to reboot the machine; once this is done I can surf the net without a problem, at least until I start utorrent again and then the Browsers are locked off the net again.

Oddly, other applications appear to be able to access their Internet resources OK while the browsers are locked off the net.

The Installation of Vista is SPK1 and is only 1 week old since install. utorrent was one of the first applications on the fresh installation.

Not much else installed:

Nod32 AV.

Windows firewall only.

Office 2007.

nero 8.

Win AVI.

Any help appreciated!


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