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Is there a reason...


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Hope this is the right place to ask this.

Is there a reason why i download music/every other kind of files i've tried downloading faster then movie files?

The number of seeds is not an issue; as a matter of fact they make it more complicated. For example, i'll dl this album with 20 seeds at a faster rate then that movie with 1500. Also my upload speed is almost always as fast as or 20 to even 100 Kbs faster then the dl speed when downloading movies. This is a consistent issue and it has happened repeatedly with many different torrents.

Every now and then i'll get okay speeds with movies, but never as good as with music or whatever other files, which mostly dl 200/300 kBs faster.

Maybe a configuration issue?

Do video files just download slower for some reason?

are these stupid question?

Also, there's probably a good chance i have no idea what i'm talking about if none of this makes any sense.

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The larger the torrent is, the more likely that people won't seed it as long as they downloaded it.

Many of the seeds reported on larger files may have already quit...so the tracker is often over-estimating how many real seeds are out there. :(

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