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utorrent is playing up


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I recently moved house, and once the internet was transferred over utorrent began playing up.

issues -

1. Upload speeds only seem to scrape 0.1 kb/s, occasionally getting higherthen this and even more rarely reaching the full amount.

2. Download speeds often do this as well, although when things appear to be working correctly at times the maximum speed I can get from a torrent is about half of my full download speed.

3. After a while all torrents go red, and I get the message "hostname not found". Files continue to upload.

4. Further after this, all activity stops and everything is dead.

5. After using utorrent even for 20 seconds, once closing it my internet will not work and MSN tells me the DNS is out of whack. I have to reboot to be even able to browse.

Now... the things that have changed.

1. originally my modem/router (Netcomm NB5Plus4NS) was connected to my computer through USB, I changed it to an ethernet connection.

2. my housemate is also connected to the modem through ethernet, using XBOX live.

This problem exists whether me and my housemate are simultaneously connected or not. Also I am running a free version of Zone Alarm if this has anything to do with it. Any help? Let me know any information I can provide. Thankyou.

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Are torrents you previously had loaded working? Are you only having trouble downloading and uploading or is it seeding as well? What is your maximum upload limit? Did you re-setup using the setup guide? Are you sure you setup for the Ctrl-G speed guide correctly? What are your current Speed Guide settings?

The hostname not found certainly sounds like either 1)software firewall/security problem or 2) overloaded connection... did you change your net.max_halfopen? The "after this activity stops"... is it at the same time every day or after a certain amount of time running ?

Go through Ultima's sticky and reduce your numbers http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 Verify you are not hitting your upload cap, and then be sure you can even download with either of the test torrents. You only have to run them for 1-3 minutes.

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