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Issue arose after power outage


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I'm sorry if you get this question entirely too often. Did a search, was unsuccessful. Anyway! the problem.

I save my downloads onto an external HD. There was a power surge during the night and when I woke up and restarted my machine and restarted utorrent, it began downloading to an unknown area (perhaps in cache) without prompting me, but not to my external as I had forgotten to power it on first. I closed utorrent, turned on the external, reopened utorrent, and it began again to save to this unknown location. When I click on "open containing folder" it takes me to the folder on my external HD. Also, all my torrent data, ratio, totally uploaded, time started, the like, they remain all in place and all accurate BUT my torrent is undeniably been reset to 0.0%.

I spent 2 weeks to just get to 16%. Please please tell me there's a way to fix this.

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Thank you for your help. I'll update when it's completed the recheck. Luckily, I didn't let it run for more than a few short minutes while I tried to figure out the problem and then closed it when I couldn't find out. to prevent this in the future, I'm gonna find how to turn of automatic resumption.


downloading has resumed at 15.9%

You guys saved me two weeks of waiting.

Thank you. Thank you big time.

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