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DPC and uTorrent.exe using all CPU power


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I have just started using uTorrent 1.8 Beta Build 10198 and I have suddenly started getting a problem with running it. While running, the system slows down and the mouse jitters.

I looked in Process Explorer and it reports DPC (Deferred Procedure Calls) and uTorrent to be using all my CPU power. I close uTorrent and the system returns to normal (about 27% CPU usage)

I am using a AMD Athlon XP 2400+ ~2.01GHz rated at 2.4GHz

Have Spybot S&D and Zonealarm Pro installed (tried closing both but problem still occurs)

Am running Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

I never had this problem before the new beta release, so was wondering if this counts as a bug in the new release.

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