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Horrific speeds,only after adding wireless-N Access Point! Please help


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Hi all!! This is my first post here, but I'm certainly not a n00b. I've been using utorrent with MUCH success for YEARS, and it is HANDS DOWN, NO DOUBT, my absolute favorite client! I can't believe this. :(

I recently added the D-Link 1353 wireless-N (802.11n) Access Point, and it works AWESOME. Roaring speeds because both my laptop and the AP have the Atheros chipsets in them. My Atheros card is the AR5008X, and I can sling my Slingbox, download files, have IM clients and Skype open, and STILL run a speed test that comes back with over 10 (TEN) megs down. So it's obviously working. UPnP is enabled and the ports are all forwarded correctly. I have the green check mark and everything else. I checked the firewall settings, and even disabled it at one point!! Still...nothing...Average speed: 5kbps...yes, five kbps! :( :(

The torrents no longer work with the router either, although it has not been touched at all!

This is a TINY thing I'm overlooking, but I need help, because I checked both the obvious settings, as well as ones that are totally irrelevant out of sheer desperation!

I should add that it acts like this with the SlingBox OFF, and ALL Internet-related apps CLOSED, so with ONLY utorrent (1.7.7) on, but it just will...not...budge!?!??!

Is it something with 802.11n technology? I ran it at G only, same #$%^&*!

Please help!!! Arghhhhhhhhhh! :( :( :(

P.S. I have learned TONS worth of wireless-N related knowledge, so if anyone is tempted, please feel free to ask. I enjoy helping people. There is a lot that goes into getting it to run at 220-250Mbps, while located TWO floors down, and at the opposite end of the house!! Amazing range, which, besides the insane speeds, is the other big improvement of 802.11n!!

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