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strange problem.


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i have 14 torrents seeding, and 3 i just added to download, but none are working.

no DL, no UL, and the new ones wont start.

of all of them, only 2 show peers, the rest are 0/0. none are moving.

i have 1 other from a different tracker running, and its DL and UL just fine, yet it says that tracker is offline, when it isnt.

all i get is the red arrows (tracker error) next to the torrents, and it says "tracker offline." i checked, and the tracker for those torrents is online, yet Utorrent shows them as offline as well.

i tried a different torrent from a completely different tracker, and it still wont download or upload anything.

heres a screenshot, if it will help....


im running Vista home premium with SP1 on a system with an AMD 5600Ghx processor, 4GB RAM, and plenty of HD space. i have DSL, no router or wireless connections. just direct ethernet hookup from DSL modem to my PC only.

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to DreadWingKnight :

i dont force start torrents normally, but i tried to see if it would help, and it didnt.

to Switeck :

i was running version 1.6. i downloaded and tried 1.7.7, and its working now.

as for the max half open limit, ive had that patched for a while, so i dont think thats what caused the problem.

the one and only torrent that would work, worked fine. i changed the up and download limits, and it responded properly. i think possibly the other tracker im using started blocking older versions of Utorrent? i havent heard back from them, so im not sure.

either way, its working fine now.

thanks to everyone for the help.

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to Switeck :

i heard it gets unpatched with most updates, but hadnt checked in a while.

after checking the event viewer, i did see a couple of 4226 errors, but the times didnt correspond to the times i had the problem. oddly enough, i had 2 about 2 weeks before the problem started.

if i can find the patch again, ill try reapplying it.

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