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Downloaded folders not accessible from network drive


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Using µTorrent 1.3 build 364. When a folder has been downloaded I cannot access it even though the drive that I've moved the folder to is a network drive, all I get is "%folder% is not accessible, access is denied".

Now, the comp I´m using utorrent on is only for downloads and I use XPpros remote desktop to access it, IE it has no monitor, keyboard or mouse. The dl folder is mapped as a network drive to my "regular" comp. I can work around it and cut and paste a downloaded folder from the dl folder to a drive on the "regular" computer from using remote desktop, but I cannot access the downladed folders from the network drive and I'd prefer to do it that way. I was using the original bittorrent client before and there was no such issue, I could access the dl files and folders fine. No such luck with utorrent though.

The reason I switched was because of the modest hw requirements of utorrent (the comp in question is hardly top of the line) but it seem to be a very efficient client and rather stick with it. A torrent that would not even start on bittorrent started straight away on utorrent.

Is there a setting that might result in this behaviour? Any pointers? I've searched the forum but no luck, at least I could not find any threads describing similar problems.

EDIT: I've tried every which way to remove the "read only" attrib from the DL folder btw, and for some reason I cannot. But since that wasn't an issue before I fail to see why it should be now? And no, I don´t use Google/MSN desktop sw either, IMO that´s borderline virus.

2nd EDIT: Think I've sorted it out. I previously used the move downloads to another folder option, and that seems to bugger it up. I now use the same folder to download to, and "store" finished downloads in, and can now access the folder in the network drive. So problem solved, hopefully.

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