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Problem with utorrent /HIDE function once utorrent already started


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Hi guys,

I am having trouble with the utorrent /HIDE function. In the older versions of utorrent (1.5 and 1.6), if utorrent was running in hidden mode and could be opened by use of the bosskey, when a shortcut linked to C:/Program Files/utorrent/utorrent.exe or the same link with a /HIDE was executed, nothing happened to utorrent. It remained in hidden mode.

Now, in utorrent 1.7 and 1.8, when either of the same links are executed, utorrent automatically comes up in full mode and does not remain hidden. Is there a fix for this?

If anything I said above does not make sense, please respond and ask for clarification.

Thanks in advance to all in this forum.

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I'm not sure, you may have to search with various "maximize" or "minimize" queries... but uT should store window state on startup/close... I don't know what it means or how to read the key in settings.dat which stores it of course :(

If you close it in minimized (in tray) state, it will start up there... I think. If your uT is running already, any shortcut to bring it up WILL bring up the window... unless it's in bosskey.

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