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So Many Problems...Please help!


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Ok, Last night I was getting sick of my Utorrent being so slow. A freind of mine

from awhile back originally set it up for me and well for lack of a better word his

wife wont let him near a computer anymore since he is married and he lives out

of state. I learned how to forward my utorrent port on my computer and tested

it and I thought it would work fine then, Well let me back up..I went to a video

site to see if I could get faster dls and tried them out and now its all out of whack.

So after that I tried messing around with it for six hours straight. However I still

have some problems. I messed up and I dont have the knowledge I need to get it

back on track but I really dont think its anything major just a bunch of simple things.

First to describe my problems and what I did.

I change some of the advanced settings with so many ppl saying it helped with speed

I followed a video guild changed the port under connections which I did foward correctly. I changed the MUR to 65, the MDR to 0, GM number of connections to 1890.

Max numb of peers per torrent to 2329, number of ul slots per torrent to 14 and ticked the box underneath that. Those were under bandwidth and connection.

In Queing Max number of active torrents to 63 and max number of active dls to 60.

Ratio is at 100% and seeding time is set to ignore.

scheduler and web ui are both blank I did nothing to them.

Under the advanced I changed some of the true/false categories and changed some of the number codes to lower or higher per the video I watched.

Thats pretty much it as far as what I changed.

The only thing that I havent re ticked is the enable Upnp port mapping because when

i forwarded my port it told me to leave it unchecked so I dont know if I should check it now or not.

First off I never had a port fowarded before never really had to. I always had decent dl speeds and excellent speeds on My pt.

Now with all the things I changed I can still dl pretty well off my pt but on Public trackers I can get like one seed and very slow dl times also everytime I turn utorrent on even on the private and public trackers after like ten seconds all or one of them turns red. (Depending on how many files Im sharing or getting) But they all turn red after that amount of time.

However, They continue to dl very well on my private tracker but on the public one it sucks pretty bad even worse than before AND I cant get any seeds. Maybe 1 out of 60 which is sad.

I cant remember the way he had it and believe me I have almost wrecked myself trying to fix it. I cant get it right. The good thing is my connectivity is always in the green, before it never was. However I dont see what good its doing me just because I forwarded the utorrent port.

I seem to have fixed a couple of old problems but opened up a can of other ones I never had before.

By the way on the public tracker the dht and local peer discovery is all working but on the private one it says not allowed.( may be normal never payed attention before) Also on the private tracker the only one that works because its allowed is that it is timed out.

Which means I cant seed anything. I cant get many seeds. My bar is in the red most likely because im overloading it somehow because it says offline all the time. However I cannot figure out why.

These are my problems. If anyone could help me get a handle on how to work out these bugs without reading through 100 forums again I would much appreciate it, I couldnt find the answer I was looking for and I spent alot of time to find out what I needed to do and the only thing I learned and really fixed was learning how to foward a port. What do I need to do? If I uninstall and reinstall Ill be worse off because some of the things he set up for me I didnt touch and are still good. Im a total noob and dont know what Im doing even reading over the forums it was greek to me.

Im really trying to do this Im not an idiot I just did something stupid without backing up what I had first. So Im stuck.

Sorry for such a long essay Im sure some of you will be apalled at how long it is but Ive been up for like 30 hours and I wanted to get this all in a help forum before I lose it all out of my head because I want to start fresh tonight.

ANY and all help will be much appreciated because I know there are alot of you out there that know what your doing. Im running DSL on a little over 3mb dl speed and like 536 upload speed from the speed tests.

Please help a severly lost person and much thanks to whomever reads and responds to this rant with some helpful advice.

By the way my email is loriarogers@bellsouth.net if anyone can give me some detailed instructions on how to fix this problem and would be kind enough to take the time to do so. Or if I didnt give enough info. Thanks again.

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thanks for the help DreadWingKnight. It is alot of learning when you start this from scratch. Thanks for the helpful links. My speed test was up/326kb so I just followed the guide and used that. Nothing is turning red anymore and the dls seem to be back to where they were, and I think the fact that I fowarded my port on my router help even though its a peice of garbage. I still cant get a static ip or even know if I really need one. My ISP is telling me I need to buy one. That I HAVE to, so I dont know on that. Would still like to know some of the tricks of the trade on how to make my speeds a little faster especially on public trackers because sometimes you cant always find what you need on private ones. I rarely use them but I do have to sometimes and it takes like a week to get a 7gb file and my upload/download ratio is better than that.

I looked through the links you posted and couldnt really find anything that could make the speed any faster. The setup for speed twinks on their site is a bit confusing on where they are telling me to put in the number for max connection on the tweak guide because Im running on 1.8 beta and it simply is not there. Now I have to go back and specify where I want the torrent sent on my pc and hopefully I wont screw that up but thanks much again.

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