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system crash


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hi mates,

i am brand new in pc matters and thas, in utorrent as well.

I ve been using utorrent the last 9 months with absolutely no problems at all.

Suddenly, last Friday, and without changing anything (antivirus, firewall etc), my pc started crashing after 10 to 40 minutes utorrent's activation.

my pc is a desktop (9 months old) with 2 giga ram, asus motherboard and one intel quad q6600 inside (and windows xp home sp2).

The exact symptom is that when i start downloading several torrents at the same time, and everything looks fine, after some minutes, a blue screen appears all over my monitor, containing "chinese" and the phrase " bad pooler ..." .I cannot escape from that condition without rebooting.

I wonder if there is a way to reset utorrent's settings at the default ones....


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