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Can't download torrents


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Umm yes My Gf got on Teamviwer and installed Utorrent for me and she took me to a site she always uses to download torrents http://isohunt.com/ and i go an click on a song i wanted to download and when i do it goes to the utorrent and i sit ther and i waite and i waite and i waite some more but nothing happens the torretns are not dowloading and idk why my firewalls is off and i got good net cuz i get 700kbs . So i was wqondering if anyone new why i cant get my Torrent to download can somone please tell me what i need to do in oder for it to download ??



p.s. and nones getting on my team viwer to hlp srry cant trust yall cuz i dont know yall :P

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