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Downloading only certain files with utorrent??


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Hi all,

Apologies if this problem has already been answered. I did browse through the forum but couldn't see anything.

If I'm for instance downloading a whole season of a show, when the torrent opens it begins downloading all the episodes. Is there a way to choose JUST the ones you want to download??

I've tried setting torrents to start in the stopped state, choose the ones i want and then start the torrent properly, but all the files - even the ones set to not download - still appear in the downoad folder. I've tried simply deleting the unnecessary ones, but the next time utorrent starts that torrent it comes up with an error 'files missing' meaning i have to do a forced recheck which replaces the files in the download folder again.

As you can imagine, when all i want is a few episodes of a series i'm ending up with several GBs of useless files that i can't properly delete.


Many thanks

El Bubsio :)

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