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Running uTorrent Beta under Wine / Linux - Ubuntu


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After running 1 day uTorrent 1.8 beta crash and I get a dump file.

Ubuntu 08.04 / fresh install

Running one of the most recent uT betas

Running wine 1.0 rc1

uTorrent 1.7.7 running fine.

Chip Intel core2duo.

Started getting the problem with an earlier beta uT and earlier version of wine (0.9.59).

A few times I think I have had the crash when stopping/starting torrents.

Currently running 1.7.7.

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I have had crash with 9704 (2x), 10085 (1x) and 10198(3x). At least the last few times I have been running wine 1.0 rc1.

As you see I have not tried the last beta as I got a bit fed up and would check if other had problems.

Someone had problems with uT beta & wine in a post some time ago and then wine was blamed. Believe there will no changes of wine until this summer.

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I have given 10364 a try. After some 24 hours I had a dump. In this case my router (Linksys wag54gs) had a hang. I switched tke router off/on. uTorrent started to download again (I did not restart uTorrent only stopped and restarted one torrent). It took only a few minutes and I then had a dump again. This time I only restarted uTorrent (without restarting Ubuntu) and uTorrent (10364) immediately got the green signal again.

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