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Speed < 2 kbps & 90 % of downloaded is wasted !


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hi everyone !

I have previously started the download in Azureus, but it never began. So i try utorrent to use the "Force Start" feature.

So now i'm downloading at 2 ko/s, and all is wasted !

The TCP port is correctly configure, on the first run after the installation, the test was positive.

It's seems like all peers refuse any of my request...

I really don't know what to do !

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Hello.The problem of the speed in utorent it is not from a seting in utorent it is the problem of what tracker do you use,because I have a friend who uses utorent and 3 trackers and he has download speed over 5-6 mb/s and upload with over 4-5 mb/s every time and in every torent from those 3 trackers,ofcourse those 3 trackers ar private and they have maximum of 30000 users on invitations,so try to create a user on a private tracker and se how does it seems to you,this is the problem not utorent. I use utorent from 1 month ago,but I stil use dc++ because is the best for me and I never downloaded a wrong thing instead of what I was searching,and i have a better speed on dc++ so I download anything in less then 5 minutes and I even get once a speed of 11,34 mb/s and i downloaded a movie (The Ruins) in 16 sec so it's better. Any post who are related to these subject are welcomed.That's all falks for today.;):D

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sorry guys, i'm french so it's not obvious :D

Ah, hostile ips.

I see some in both the 38.100.x.x range and 208.10.x.x range.

You'll need to block those using uTorrent's ipfilter.dat file.

Also, you may want to turn off Resolve IPs in the Peers window.

i don't find this file, and i really don't know how to deal with this ! ^^"

@ Suditu :is that totally free ? do you know a good private tracker ?

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1) i finally found "reload ipfilter"

2) uTorrent crashed, and i have 0% downloaded of my 2 torrents now :P

3) I have only 10 peers for one, and 0 for the other = no more download !!

can you explain me why I had to filter this IPs ?

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