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Slow conection with known good router settings


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I have been having issues with my laptop that is hooked up to cable via a wireless access point. DLink is the brand. I have set and reset the utorrent settings, my wireless card, and set the router/wireless link up.

The Utorrent client on my laptop shows the dreaded yellow yield sign and will download very slow which most conections go from 0 to 5-10 kBs then back to 0 and then 5-10 kBs. The port forward tool shows no port forwarded and the speed test is what I would expect with my isp.

Right now it is downloading a torrent at 58 kbs and is steady at that speed. My upload speeds are ok and always have been.

Now to my desk top. Old computer that had ME on it. I removed everything and installed a clean copy of 2000 pro did all the updates and installed a DLink wireless card in it. I fired the box up, it found the wireless and connected, I downloaded a copy of utorrent and it worked great. It has the Green Dot and the speed is fantastic at very consistant 120 or more kBs and handles however much I ask it to do.


1. one DLink wireless access point/router. I have opened a dedicated port for utorrent.

2. laptop with utorrent has yellow yield sign and dl speed via utorrent sucks while upload speed is quite acceptable.

2. a. DSL speed test for http connection shows speed is what I am paying for.

2. b. Port Fowarded test failed

3. desktop with utorrent has green go sign and utorrent downloads and uploads as expected.

3. a. DSL speed test for http connection shows speed is what I am paying for

3. b. port Fowarded test PASSED

I would really like to get my laptop to work properly with the utorrent client. Any suggestions?

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No I am not forwarding different ports for different computers. I used to forward a range of about 10 ports but that is not needed so I cut it back to one port. Both utorrent client settings reflect this port as well.

I am starting to believe that the windows firewall may be doing something that it should not be doing. It says it is turned off but you never know what MS is doing to your machine for "your own good". I used to edit the registry on 98 but xp is something I just don't want to fool with unless it is a patch.

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