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Use RSS to download torrent from sites other than Mininova


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Some of sites in other countries which publishes the TV shows is the discussion forum. They are not like Mininova, which publishes thread/feed for every new episode.

They put torrents in the top floor, and viewers add their comments in the following floors, just like the discussion forum we are in now.

They provide RSS feed. If you use uTorrent RSS, you will receive the latest comments in the bottom floors.

Is there any tool which could be used to RSS and filter the top floor to retrieve the torrent from the top floor?

http://www.tsxz.com/read.php?tid=152316 is an examples. (Sorry it is in Chinese). But you can see they attach torrents for every episode in the top floor, and they will update the top floor when a new episode is available.

How to subscribe to the new torrent in the top floor, not the new comment in the latest new floor?

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