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Linksys WRT54G global maximum connection?


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I was just wondering what is the recommended value of global mazimum connections for Linksys WRT54G?

So far it hasn't cause any problems, because I keep it at 100

if I use the default utorrent connection profile setting(2mb/s), which set the global max to 700.

after awhile, it will start to flood the connection, and web browsing becomes sluggish or no connection.

any recommendation would be awesome.

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Use the appropriate connection settings as recommended by the Speed Guide. That means you should be following the instructions carefully, not leaving it at default.

The WRT54G has a crappy firmware by default. Depending on what version of the router you are using, it may be rectifiable with a 3rd party firmware. Otherwise, you might want to upgrade the firmware from Linksys.

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The v6 is a tad harder to flash, and since Tomato isn't compatible use DD-WRT micro (the standard build seems crap anyway). I recommend substituting v24 with v23 SP2 in the special flashing procedure:


Also, be aware that there is a slight risk with the procedure. If followed correctly, you shouldn't have a problem, but one mistake can leave you with a piece of crap. You should read the recovery instructions as well. Once installed, reduce the protocol timeouts in the administration tab:

TCP: 180

UDP: 120

And if your speed guide settings allows for more connections then the default limit in the router, increase the limit in the router as well. DON'T UPGRADE OVER A WIRELESS CONNECTION.

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