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DHT: Waiting to log in


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Hello i have been a very happy user of Utorrent for a long time but 3 days ago, after a torrent finished downloading the rest of my torrents will no longer download and this message keeps showing up on the bottom

i've used the search functions to no avail and the only similar post i found was this


which is fairly outdated

i am using Utorrent version 1.7.7 on my vista 64bit and have bitdefender internet security 2008

i have not changed anything on my setup and have never had any problems until now


thank you in advance

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i disabled bitdefender and windows firewall to make sure that wasn't the issue and still no dice

i went through that bitdefender tutorial and everything is as instructed, i went as far as removing the utorrent rules and re-initializing it

the trackers for the openoffice is as follows:





i am lost here but i appreciate the help in identifying the problem

and no i have not done any hardware/software changes nor have i installed anything recently

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i am totally lost now

i have uninstalled bitdefender and am not using any type of Spyware and windows defender has been deactivated

i even uninstalled and re-installed Utorrent and i'm still having the same issues

what is DHT waiting to log in on?

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