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When Switching To A New Hard Drive


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I just recently got a knew motherboard and ended up switching to my old F: drive to be my primary drive so that I could keep my files on the old C: drive (the old C: is now my F:). Any way I was wondering if it is possible to have utorrent run completely off my F: so that all files start the download there and end there, so the end up in the place before.

My problem is that every time I try, my old files are no longer there and do not continue the download because utorrent tries to run to the primary drive. I would just move the files from the incomplete folder over to the new C:, but it is only a 30gig hard drive and i need to keep them on my other one because it is much larger. If anyone knows a way to make my utorrent retrieve the files i had downloading before and continue them please let me know.

Thanks for the help

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