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Sticky about crashes says Niphk.dll is an infection, but it's not!


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Hi. I don't really know if this is the right place to report this, but I can't find a better place :) I hope an admin reads it...

The sticky about µTorrent crashing (http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=30250) says that infected machines are often reason for µTorrent to crash, and that niphk.dll one of the often found examples.

But in reality, niphk.dll is a part of Norman Virus Control's module called Norman Internet Protecion (NIP). NIPHK.DLL is the 'hook module' meaning it's the component that makes it possible for Norman to scan POP3, SMTP, NNTP and IM traffic.

As of now there doesn't seem to be any fix in sight from Norman to fix this conflict, but the only thing you need to do if you DO wish to continue using Norman, is disabling the Internet Protection module:

Rightclick N-icon in the system tray > Configuration Editor > Norman Virus Control > Components. There you can open the tab 'Start', and disable the Internet Protecion module.

Finally, click Save and Close and presto: no more niphk.dll/related crashes! And the rest of Norman Virus Control still works like a charm (background scanning and such).

Note: disabling the Internet Protection module shouldn't cost too much security - every traffic that you download should still be scanned by the background scanner.

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Well thanks for the quick action and the correction!

One small thing though, I don't mean to nag but niphk.dll is still called an infection in the first paragraph of the sticky... ("(...) gopher.dll and niphk.dll are the most common ones. ")

Now, since it isn't an infection (actually it's an opposite :)), we at Norman would like to see that name removed from the list of infections... Thanks in advance. (Sorry, forgot to mention that I'm a Norman supporter in previous post.)

/edit: actually I also forgot to mention the fact that I am suddenly experiencing this issue on my own home computer :)

I will first test it with our new suite version somewhere next week, but if it still occurs there I will try to get our developers to look into it.

Sidenote: I just fully reinstalled Windows XP pro, but now I'm using SP3 for the first time and on a dualcore AMD. Maybe it has something to do with that change - the problem has never presented itself before on my years-old XP installation.

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Mr Sadbunny:

Ive got somewhat a resembling problem.. Until yesterday(or the day before, or a couple of days ago(Ive got a bad memory)), utorrent worked fine... WITH the norman antivirus package (all the goodies included).. But after installing the migthy major update of recent, it started to crash utorrent.. (i think so, if not its a way to small probability of it being anything else)..

Well, you guide didnt work.. It may have, with an earlier version, but not now..

"Rightclick N-icon in the system tray > Configuration Editor > Norman Virus Control > Components. There you can open the tab 'Start', and disable the Internet Protecion module."

when i rightclick -> NO config editor

if i choose "norman security suite" i get to a mighty fine menu..

in "virus & spyware protection" -> "configure" there is a "internet protection" bar. there is no option to disable it.. ive unchecked all the boxes though, but, it didnt help. utorrent hanged after 1 minute.. .m :(..

well.. if i dont get any good replies i believe "bitcomet" is my next choice.. tried azureus, but that was crap.. :o

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I do not understand. Norman "Antivirus", is that what you are talking about? Well, it isnt that simple.. There isnt any norman AV anymore. Its been all but replaced, its not the same program again. I didnt have system restore on, if i did, i would have rolled back to "pre-update" time, and be rid of these problems. An entirely new antivirus installation is out of the questions.

Installing BitComet takes 30 seconds. Finding files, username and pwd for Norton antivirus all over, AND installing it, probably takes several hours.. What do you think I will do? :D

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Well.. I was quite satisfied with utorrent.. But what are the alternatives? Azureus søqz!! :P.. And if i aint using bitcomet, what shall i use?

And, how can bitcomet, azureus etc do their things, without being brutalized by them Norman?


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There's a free version. I prefer avast! though, it doesn't have a pane for advertising the pay for version when opening the status panel. Also has a free version.

Either should do, don't install the e-mail component of AVG though.

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Ill see.. I've already ditched norman.. It messed not only with my Utorrent, but azureus, bitcomet AND firefox.. That is, after this latest update from Norman Internet Control to Norman Security Suite or something..

Ill check how well how good recommendations avg free has gotten, until then, Im driving solo :D

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