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[toolbar&status] Maskros-Mono


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Hmm, I'm no artist but I wanted a toolbar without any color :)

UPDATE1: Added a slightly tweaked version of eva.02's status icons.

UPDATE2: Added another set of status icons. Any suggestions on how to make the toolbar icons look better (i.e. less ugly :))?

UPDATE3: In uTorrent 1.1.5 format now. Not too sure if the new status icons makes sense though.

UPDATE4: 1.1.7 format (search button added). Added the old status icons as an alternative (also, check out ReWired's version of those, maybe better than mine but the link doesn't seem to work)

Mono set: maskrosmonoupdate4.zip



Alternative status icons: maskros-mono-oldstatus.zip


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Hi mate!

What about making a toolbar in this style:


I actually tried that, but wasn't pleased with the results. When I made those icons larger they looked totally boring. Maybe if I had them in the same size but with some added text underneath (like in some other toolbars posted).

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