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Relative Paths outside from utorrents folder


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Hi all!

My request is simple: I'd like to see that utorrent can use relative paths also outside it's own folder.

For example:

utorent.exe with settings.dat is located in D:\Programs\utorrent\

torrent files are saved into D:\New Downloads\torrents\

after completing dowloads they should be moved to D:\New Downloads\

so using path as ..\..\New Downloads\torrents\ and ..\..\New Downloads\ just don't work.

Giving error: Error opening "..\..\New Downloads\blabla.filename"

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I'm using latest beta, build 10364.

btw, the .torrent file itself will be saved in correct location.


when using .\ which manipulates with files and folders inside utorrents own folder then download is ok but the files remain in same temporary folder (.\New Dowloads\torrents\) and are not moved after completing to other folder (.\New Dowloads\)

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