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uTorrent Connection lost!?


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Hi all....

I have problems with my network connation and uTorrent. When i go to torrent site and click to download something with uTorrent,its starts downloading but just for 2 min... then i lose my network internet connaction.

I had problems with this before. But then i just unistall the NVIDIA drivers for my network card and then install them agein , and then network WORKS. But today it wont work like that...

Whats the problem help plz...???'

P.S. I have 2 PCs and one Dlink wireless raouter a a modem.... some told me that rautern can be a problem or is it just my NVIDA network card?

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Thx i just did that but it dosent help!arr! :(

I think that the raouter is a problem without d-link it work good. I had Opera too. I try to download something whit Opera torrent software and it works great but speed is slow. I have problems only with uTorrent, i start downloading something with uTorrent and connetion gets lost(unplugged) but why? Help how to fix it...???

I can post Rapidshare link on a short movie that i made, there u can see whats happeds...

Edit: Here is the link


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