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Files mixed up in Partial File - The horror!1!!


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Oke I'm going to TRY to explain the problem.( TEH HORROR !1!1 :-P )

I was on this Massive 42 GB torrent file. It contained 10 ISO's. I downloaded 2 ISO's skipping all the others because I didn't want those.

Now uTorrent shows I have completed both those 2 ISO's in the files tab as you can see below.


But 1 whole ISO and the half of the 2nd ISO are both mixed up in the Partial File.

The other half of the 2nd ISO is in ISO format. As you can see here.


So I think the Partial file doesnt see the other ISO file. Any ideas on how I could make it 2 whole ISO's?

BTW: On the screenshot you can see I was doing a re-check, after the re-check finished it showed one ISO ad 99.9% complete so it downloaded the last bit too but the problem was still the same :-(

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Well... At first I had only Volume 8 as normal, all the others were skip. Then after Volume 8 was downloaded to about 1.8 GB I also put Volume 9 as a normal download. So I guess something happend there in between...

At first I thought it was normal because partfiles were created in almost every download I had on. But after I needed some disk space and wanted to burn Volume 8 (which was complete) I couldn't figure out how to get the other half of Volume 8 out of that Partfile.

So I figured I would just let it download both Volumes to a 100% so it would change the partfile to 2 normal ISO's, but... it didn't.

I saw a topic once saying something like 'Download shows not finished but it really is' and I tried looking for it, spend more then 30 minutes going trough all trouble shooting pages and couldn't find a similliar problem or anything near it. So I just made this new topic hoping some one knew what it was :(

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