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uTorrent + Vista Issues


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Hey guys, recently tried to install uTorrent on Vista Home and have not had any luck since installing it.

Everytime i open a program like limewire or uTorrent my internet connection drops out entirely and won't reconnect until i close the programs.

I thought it may have been port forwarding etc, so i tried to set that up and had no luck with it working, so yesterday i bit the bullet and re-formatted.

Re-installed all my programs and opened uTorrent, which downloaded files perfectly, didnt skip a beat and i thought all was going fine.

Then later on last night i attempted to try another file and it jammed up again. Thought it may have been just that one file so tried a few more and the same thing happened.

I have considered installing windows xp over vista but some of the drivers arent compatible with XP and it appears to be more of a headache than anything else.

any help will be muchly appreciated as its really starting to pi55 me off.

Modem: Open Networks 625W

OS: Windows Vista Home

Internet Provider: Internode

Cheers guys.

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The removal of the bundled "Security" Software may only remove one bottleneck problem.

Your uTorrent settings may still cause problems if given settings too great for your connection, possibly very slowly...or not even noticed till you try to download a really active torrent with 1000's of peers+seeds.

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