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How to skin the Toolbar


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Don't even need AlphaConv. The solution I found (Windows XP only) which someone else mentioned on this forum was to open the saved PNG with the Windows Fax & Picture Viewer, and then hit the "Save" button and save the image as a BMP. Voila.

For obvious reasons this will not work on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K, Linux or Mac.

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To criticise other people's posts is an off-topic too. And much more aggressive.

Excuse me, Ultima, next time I will read the whole forum before I post.

Have a nice day.


***************************SORRY ABOUT THE OFF-TOPIC*******************************


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i have Win7, and im lookin for the appData/uTorrent folder... and when i use the "run" way, it comes up with the utorrent folder but it shows it in "C:\user\"name"\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent" and the only files in there are .dat files. do i just put the bmp's there or is there another spot its suppose to be?


okay yeah it seems to work when i put them there... i thought i would need to replace a file for it, but i guess not :P

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Can I change the colour scheme of the rest of the window? I absolutely hate the new pale colours on white background. It makes the graphs spectacularly difficult to see, and you downright refuse to help me find the older, perfectly function, more streamlined versions.

I wish I'd kept my 2.0.4 installer.

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The current skins system is going away and being replaced with something new (which will only support .btskins)

As of this release of release of µTorrent (3.3 Stable, Build 29420), are they still using the current.btskin file? I've tried to change the colors in the current.btskin (btskin - which is a text file), and the colors did not change to the ones I wanted. I even rebooted my computer and the changes didn't take effect. This is part of my btskin file:









healthbar:006400 <--This is a Darker Green color, which µTorrent didn't change.


I also made changes in other areas, which didn't take effect.

Secondly, I tried to put all the files, e.g.:






in the current.btskin file, but it didn't work, so I put them in the %AppData%/uTorrent/ directory, and the changes took effect. I guess you can only put certain files in the current.btskin file. I was really hoping that I can clean up the clutter in the %AppData%/uTorrent/ directory.

Lastly, will there be more detailed documentation on creating skins, and using the new skins system? I would really appreciate any and all replies to this posting.

Thank You. :cool:

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