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two sets of numbers of Seeds ?? (please dont hate me for asking)


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So I don't understand why I have two columns or two sets of numbers of Seeds and Peers

When it comes to Seeds, I always have a larger number in parenthesis , and there smaller number NOT in parenthesis – and when the number that is NOT in parenthesis is 0=zero, there is no download a t all

The reason I am asking, is because I have this suspicion that I am not connecting / downloading as good as I should

For example –

One torrent that I am trying to download in particular, the seed column looks like this:

1(121) and it is crawling…..

It makes me think that there are 121 seeds available, but I am only connecting to 1 of them….

Is this correct? Am I reading this right?

If that is true, why am I not connecting to all available seeds?

(And yes, I went through all the suggestions in the Checklist in the Speed Problems Topic...except for patching the tcip.sys...tried that once when I was as SP2 (Win2kPro) and stopped downloading completely, then it crashed my connection and I couldn't get it back - had to install SP3 to re-gain internet connection, so I am not screwing with that ever again....)

And if it is not true, then why are there two sets of numbers?

I just don't get it…

And about peers, am I right in assuming that if there are many peers and no seeds, then no one is actually Seeding , and everyone is trying to download – just like me?

Anyway….I am lost, confused and totally frustrated….

Please advise

Thanks in advance


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Regarding Seeds / Peers it's been asked before so don't feel bad :Dhttp://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=17154

As far as not connecting as well as you should... if you're unfirewalled/forwarded-correctly you are connecting as well as possible.. by both initiating connections to others as well as letting others connect to you.

If you want to troubleshoot, check out the sticky in the troubleshooting forum linked as Read Me in my signature.

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Ok well that helps explain some things....basically - it seems as thought there isnt much I can do, as long as I am configured right...

which leads me to my next question....

In the "Speed" Forum, in the "Checklist"...it mentions lowering the Global Number Of Connections, as well as the "Maximum Number Of connected Peers Per Torrent"

This doesn't make sense to me - it seems to be backwards, logically speaking,.,,

To me it would seem the more "Global Connections" and Connected Peers Per Torrent" I allow, then the more connections open, ...thus the more seeds connected....thus the quicker the download....

Do I have this totally backwards?

Please advise

And Once again - thanks in advance (and thanks for the reply to previous)



- I should have mentioned -

That before reading that "Checklist" I would put like a thousand in each variable box...er whatever you call it...

Then after reading...I lowered it down to 200, then 100

Its hard to tell if or what any difference it is making because the individual torrents fluctuate so dramtically in the course of an hour or two,

So I cant tell if I am doing something right, or wrong - and which that might be...or if it is simply (as Switeck alluded) just a crappy ISP that I have to contend with (Cox...yes, regrettibly)

Thoughts? Opinions? Advice? Insults? Lymericks?



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Lowering of the numbers helps alleviate / isolate hardware problems or shaping/throttling based upon that metric... i.e. some networking management hardware work based upon network traffic as well as activity between IPs or clients. Therefore that's why most HTTP/FTP transfers aren't affected as they're 1 peer to 1 peer. Bittorrent and other filesharing applications are many-to-one ... so reducing the ratio, 100, 50, 20, and even less may remove that interference. Hence the "some do some don't" response for Cox.

I would point out rarely does > 20 peers per torrent actually get you your speeds any faster than 100... but many people are in impacted areas like .my or .cn and in those cases, lots of international connections are just as fast as even 5 or 10 local connections. So yes... try the settings changes in the sticky... if nothing helps perhaps a more targeted search here and at sites like dslreports.com for your ISP (Cox) may show you more ideas.

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Wow - I really hate to say this - but that made no sense to me at all....

Meaning it went straight over my head....

And if my question was answered - I missed it.

So let me try again -

Its better to have more...or less connections?



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